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OK3 AIR rents late model G1000 Cessna aircraft in addition to backcountry and aerobatic aircraft.

Utah Aircraft Rentals from OK3Air Heber City

Cessna Skyhawk 172 SP Rental


The Cessna Skyhawk will comfortably carry two adults and their luggage and travel at 140 mph, thanks to a 180-hp engine. All of our Skyhawks are three years old or newer. The Skyhawk also offers a quiet, sound-proof cabin and the awesome G1000 panel.

G1000 Equipped Cessna Turbo 206 Stationair Rental


With it's well balanced combination of speed, distance and capability the Cessna T206 has earned the reputation of being the best all-around six-place piston single ever built. With a design that elevates all aspects of the flight experience, it's no wonder that it ranks as the world's absolute favorite personal aircraft.

Extra 300L Aerobatic Rental

The German-built Extra 300L is a World Class Unlimited aerobatic aircraft. With the ability to perform -/+10G maneuvers and a 400°/second roll rate, you will be in for the ride of your life!