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Used Cessna 182 Skylane Sales

Cessna 182 for Sale - OK3Air Cessna SkylaneOK3Air routinely offers the popular Cessna 182 for sale from its used plane inventory. The Cessna 182 is a popular, American made light utility aircraft. The 182 also known as the Cessna Skylane is a high-wing, single engine piston airplane that typically is configured to seat 4 people. The Skylane is the 2nd most popular Cessna model in the United States after the Cessna 172 Skyhawk.

The popularity of the Cessna 182 has caused the manufacturer to offer many variants of the Cessna 182 Skylane. Various popular landing gear configurations exist including standard tripod fixed, the retractable landing gear of the R182, and even float equipped models. Common engines include 230 hp Continental O-470 series engines and more powerful turbocharged Lycoming engines. There are older planes with regular instrumentation and newer variants with the powerful G-1000 cockpit from Garmin. With so many variations to choose from, one should consider that finding the RIGHT Cessna 182 takes thought, planning, and experienced eyes. Considering hours, location, and condition are crucial.

Is the Cessna Skylane for sale at the airport across town a good bargain? How could you know with certainty? It is critically important to learn everything you can about any plane before purchase, and be certain you are getting airplane you need at the lowest possible cost. Only then can you be assure you are REALLY getting the best deal on your Cessna 182.

Buying a Used Cessna 182 For Sale

Buying a new Cessna is the right choice for some people, but many more appreciate the value that can be offered in a quality used Cessna 182.

If you are interested in buying a Cessna 182 give OK3Air a call. At OK3Air, we pride ourselves at offering the best aircraft value for your money. Whether the right choice for you is one of the Cessna 182's in our current inventory, or a Skylane that is for sale elsewhere, using OK3Air's aircraft acquisition services helps you be certain that you are getting the best plane value available anywhere, always within your budget, and suitable to your needs.

Take a look through our frequently changing inventory of Aircraft for Sale, and even if you do not see exactly what you are looking for, consider contacting Nadim or Danny to see how easy your next Cessna 182 purchase can be.


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